Scoliosis is a disease that can develop at any age, no matter when the curvature appears, it’s important to get early treatment. If you do this you will prevent it from getting progressively worse. A specialized team will help you maintain a healthy spine. It also helps you to prevent progression and relieve scoliosis symptoms. If you need help with scoliosis you can request an appointment online. Most of these specialists have their own sites on which they are easily reachable and can be contacted to make an appointment.

What is this disease?

Scoliosis can happen when your spine is developing an abnormal sideways curvature. Viewing your spine from behind should form a straight line. With patients that have scoliosis, this is not the case. Here, the spine has an S or C-shaped curve. In some cases, this spine may also twist.

The disease often occurs in families. Sometimes it is even caused by congenital disabilities and neuromuscular conditions. In 80% of all adolescent patients, the cause of this cannot be determined.

When does it develop?

Scoliosis can appear at any age, though it most often occurs between the ages of 10-15 years. Typically, young teens are diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis, meaning an underlying cause can’t be identified. Adult scans have idiopathic scoliosis which began in their teen years and continued its progression tot heir adult years. It can also happen that you will develop degenerative scoliosis as an adult. This mostly happens when age-related spine conditions happen. These cause degeneration which allows abnormal curving in the spine.

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